After sales service and the keys to differentiate your brand

Gone are the days when brands took care of customers until the moment they paid and then “abandoned” them, becoming totally disconnected from them.  It can be seen in the most successful companies in the world as today the trend is based on putting the customer at the center . This premise helps to make […]

after sale service

Gone are the days when brands took care of customers until the moment they paid and then “abandoned” them, becoming totally disconnected from them.

It can be seen in the most successful companies in the world as today the trend is based on putting the customer at the center . This premise helps to make all kinds of business decisions where the protagonist is not blindly the profitability of the company but the consumer.

This is why today, the key to achieving a healthy business is not only thinking about the sale, but about everything that comes after it . And what is that? The renowned “after sales service”.

In this article I am going to deepen this important concept to have a satisfied customer, but also one that buys again and even recommends you to their acquaintances. How to win her heart and differentiate yourself from your competitors? Let’s see!


What is the after sale service?

Post-sale service is all contact with the customer that happens after they make their purchase . Because in reality, the purchase process does not end there. Until the product reaches the hands of the customer and the customer is satisfied, the sales cycle is not complete. And still there is a lot to do afterwards!

It has been proven that customer service and keeping in touch with them after receiving their products allows them to be present in the minds of consumers when they need to make a new purchase or make a recommendation to a friend or family member.

So, a brand that is successful in this type of post-sale strategy manages not only to sell a product but also to provide an experience where the buyer is delighted by the entire process .

Why is after sales service so important?

Let’s see the main reasons why post-sale service is so important for your business. After this there will be no doubts!

  • The cost of acquiring new customers vs. repurchases

Have you ever thought how much it costs you to acquire a new customer? Think about everything you have to invest to make your brand known and push that purchase decision… It can be from investing in online advertising , making them know you and giving reliability, attention resources to answer questions about shipping and exchange policies and many etceteras.

So, it’s important to keep in mind that it generally costs more (both in terms of investment of money and time) to get new customers than to re-sell to a customer who already bought from you.

  • The best advertising: digital word of mouth

Word of mouth is a method that has always existed but with the digital world it reached an unmatched level. Recommendations, whether from friends in the real world or from acquaintances in the online universe, have a very important weight when deciding on one brand or another .

People are social creatures, it is something indisputable. That means that there is no better advertising than word of mouth. Evidence of this is influencer marketing and why it works so well.
So, a good after-sales service and having happy customers will ensure you the best publicity that money can’t buy.

  • An opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition

Globalization has brought many benefits, but it has also made the supply of products in the market abundant in most industries and it is increasingly difficult to differentiate from the competition.

Post-sale service is precisely one of the features that can make a difference when making a purchase decision . Think about your own consumption patterns: Wouldn’t you prefer to buy from companies or brands that you know are going to get a good experience? A good service if you have a problem or query with your purchase?

It is then a key area to take advantage of your competition!

How to provide good after sales service

Now that there are no doubts about the importance of an exemplary post-sale service to achieve those recurring sales, the loyalty of your customers and even the possibility of having your own brand ambassadors, let’s see some tips to achieve it.

  • Fulfill what was promised in the pre-sale

It is important that in the post-sale instance everything said to the customer can be materialized before they make the purchase. This includes, for example:

– Delivery times

– Return conditions

– Warranty for failures

  • Provide clear contact information

It is essential that, in the event that any query or comment about their order arises, your client has one or more direct sources of contact accessible.

It can be, for example, an email, a WhatsApp and/or direct messages from Instagram. The key is that there is always someone watching and responding.

  • Work with all the team involved

A good after-sales service will not be successful if all those who participate in the process are not aligned. It is key that your entire team understands the strategic importance of complying with this type of customer service and that they jointly define the standards they want to achieve in order to provide a great experience. For example, with the response times that they promise to meet.

  • Maintain connection with your audience

Knowing your customers and getting closer to them will allow you to generate a more personal connection. This will undoubtedly translate into knowing what things are important to them in order to have an incredible experience and be happy with their purchase.

Some examples are:

– Invite them to follow you on social networks

– Encourage them to subscribe to your newsletter

– Ask them for constant feedback

3 effective examples of after-sales service

Let’s look at some specific examples that are considered good practices when it comes to offering an effective after-sales service.

1. Keep your client informed

Once your consumers press the “buy” button in your online store, they will be eager to receive their purchase (it happens to all of us, right?). In order to provide them with a good experience, it is key that you keep them informed about the status of their purchase .

For example: send them an email so they know that their purchase is confirmed and invoiced, also when it has already been packed and shipped, when it is on the way and when it has been delivered. This will also prevent you from having unnecessary contacts from your customers. You give them a better experience and in turn you save work!

2. Whenever you can, add value

Given so much information and false promises going around the virtual world, a good experience is highly appreciated. And if it is also accompanied by additional value, it is a formula that cannot fail . Add value to your customers on every possible occasion!

For example, if you sell products that require special care, you can include the instructions in the same shipment. Or if your sales are delivered in reusable packaging (like a cloth bag or a nice box), your buyer will perceive it as an extra gift (besides helping the environment!)

3. Offer additional benefits with the purchase

Analyze your post-sale process and identify the instances in which you can offer extra benefits that provide your customer with something that goes beyond the product they purchased .

For example, incentive programs (accumulate points with purchases to exchange for prizes), discount coupons for future purchases  or a surprise gift.

A trend that won’t go anywhere

Providing good post-sale service is a trend that will continue to grow more and more.

Keeping the customer’s benefit at the center of decisions and always trying to provide an experience that goes one step further has become essential for brands that seek to retain their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

If your brand is still not taking these premises into account, I recommend you invest resources in a good after-sales service within your ecommerce strategy and start applying these tips!