Cyber ​​Monday: The Ultimate Guide to Exploding Your Sales

Cyber ​​Monday 2023 will be on October 31, November 1 and 2 in USA . This is one of the most important e-commerce dates, whose main objective is to increase online sales for 3 days. This event was created in the United States in 2005 to promote electronic commerce and was later replicated in several countries. […]

Cyber ​​Monday 2023 will be on October 31, November 1 and 2 in USA . This is one of the most important e-commerce dates, whose main objective is to increase online sales for 3 days.

This event was created in the United States in 2005 to promote electronic commerce and was later replicated in several countries.

To officially participate in this mega event and be able to use the term CyberMonday in your online store , you need to register as a member of this organization and pay the annual membership fee.

💡Learn more about how to officially participate in Cyber ​​Monday 2022 . There is time to sign up until September 27, 2022 .

Although it is true that you can participate even if you are not a member of the UACE, it is necessary that you take these precautions into account:

  • You can replace it with words related to the event such as “discounts”, “offers”, “promotions”, which are what people will be looking for during those 3 days.
  • You can also complement them with phrases like “Days of exclusive discounts!” or “Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!”. I put your imagination to the test.

A practice that we also do not recommend if you are not a CACE member is to use the official logo (both of the event and of the organization) in your online store .

Get ready to stand out with your brand on Cyber ​​Monday 2022

To fully take advantage of this super e-commerce event, it is important that you plan ahead of time what your commercial, marketing and dissemination strategy will be .

Below, we summarize the key points that you have to consider and later we will expand each aspect with useful tips so that you can put them into practice in your business.

For your brand to stand out on this Cyber ​​Monday 2022, we recommend:

  • Personalize your store with high-quality photos
  • Update your stock
  • Organize shipping logistics
  • Add complementary online sales channels (such as social networks and Google Shopping)
  • Implement profitable promotions
  • Highlight promotional prices and create new categories
  • Form alliances with other brands
  • Organize raffles
  • Create useful and viral content
  • Choose where to advertise and set a budget
  • Test actions with influencers
  • Do email marketing campaigns
  • Measure the results of your campaigns to adjust what is necessary
  • Share testimonials and reviews from past customers to convince new ones
  • Have a clear and visible return policy
  • Provide excellent customer service

Now we invite you to discover how to implement each of these ideas . We organize them into 3 major themes so that you have better visibility of everything you can do with your brand:

  1. How to drive more traffic to your store
  2. How to sell more this Cyber ​​Monday
  3. How to take advantage of post Cyber ​​Monday benefits

How to drive more traffic to your store

Web traffic refers to all the activities that users carry out on a site, that is, the total number of times they access to visit a website , either to view a single page, view and navigate the site, or to do some action. determined.

We share some tips for your website traffic to increase considerably during Cyber ​​Monday 2022.

prepare your business

Just like a physical store, your online business has to attract the attention of users and invite them to visit every corner of your virtual storefront. For it:

  1. Customize your store . Give a special touch to the aesthetics of your e-commerce with exclusive banners for the occasion. Use tools like Canva to do it. We also suggest creating a special category for Cyber ​​Monday with the products you want your audience to focus on.
  2. Check that you have high-quality product photos . It is important that you show your products from different angles so that your potential customer knows what the item is like in its entirety and has no doubts when buying it. Review this guide to product photos and encourage yourself to take them yourself.
  3. Update your stock . Having the stock ordered prior to CyberMonday is essential, since it allows you, among other things, to define if you need to replace any product. Do you need help organizing your inventory? We invite you to download this stock control sheet for free !
  4. Organize shipping logistics. You can think of hiring collaborators temporarily or an extra shipping company just for a few days to deliver your orders on time. It is also a good practice to make it visible in your store that shipments may take time to arrive due to high demand. The client will appreciate your sincerity.
  5. Achieve an efficient omnichannel experience . On CyberMonday, where many users are going to buy from you for the first time, it is key that you offer a positive experience on all platforms.

Optimize your store operations with a management system!:

  • Dragonfish
  • Tango Bill
How to make an electronic invoice step by step
Image of: How to make an electronic invoice step by step

Add complementary channels to attract traffic (and sales)

Continuing with the point of omnichannel , another way to prepare your business to attract traffic to your online store on Cyber ​​Monday 2022 is by adding other channels of dissemination and sales .

Some complementary channels to your online store that you can include are:

  • The Facebook store : it is a tab that you can add to your brand’s profile to show the products that you have for sale in your e-commerce. If your customer wants to buy them, Facebook redirects them to your online business just by selecting the item.
  • Instagram Shopping : this functionality allows you to tag products in the photos of your feed and in your Instagram stories , generating a direct link between your followers and your online store.
  • Google Shopping : a Google resource that shows the products you sell in your virtual store within the search results . It allows consumers to easily compare prices, models and find out before making a purchase.
  • Whatsapp Business – An app that brands can use to communicate with their customers, provide support, offer promotions, and sell their products .


Think about the best promotions and discounts

Let your imagination fly and get inspired by these ideas!

🔹Do you dare to 2 × 1?

This is a good option for cases in which you have a lot of stock of a product and it is not being sold.

You can also think about this marketing action for those products of lower value . For example, if you have an online decoration store, you can offer individual candles or cups for the price of one.

🔹Give away coupons

This is an alternative way of offering a discount with the difference that you can establish the terms you consider necessary (such as a minimum purchase, a validity date, etc.).

You only need to create a code and associate it to the discount: for example, you create the code “SEASONOFF” to offer a $1,000 discount on minimum purchases of $5,000.

Do you want to know more about discount coupons? Look at this complete article:

5 reasons to offer discount coupons in your store
Image of: 5 reasons to offer discount coupons in your store

🔹Offer important discounts

This is the Cyber ​​Monday classic. The public will be expecting discount percentages on your products. But beware, for a few years people are already used to these.

So, it is key that you offer an exclusive offer for this date that is really tempting . It may be in a star product or in a particular product line.

Tip: keep in mind that, when planning the discounts that you are going to offer, they are not only attractive but also profitable for your business. Many brands choose to apply large discounts (40% or more) on items that, despite having that promotion, continue to make good profits. You can use our discount calculator !

Learn more!

What is trade marketing and everything to implement it
Image from: What is trade marketing and everything to implement it

On the other hand, it is essential to find an original way to communicate these promotions so that they are not just another of the bunch. Think of different formats for your publications on social networks: use videos, gifs , graphic pieces and create striking messages or images that attract the audience.

Finally, a very important issue to take into account regarding discounts is that, in previous years, there were complaints from consumers who noted that weeks before CyberMonday some brands increased prices in order to reduce them for the event, actually leaving the price original as “promotional” .

It goes without saying that this practice is very bad for the credibility of your brand, as well as being unfair to buyers. The discounts that you offer on this date have to be real and that is why they have a short validity: because it is a great promotion and it is in those 72 hours that you have to take advantage of it .

We invite you to learn about the different plans that allow you to know how to create discounts in your online business .

🔹Give a gift for the purchase

One way to generate attraction without having to reduce prices is to add a small gift to the product. So, only those who buy within those 72 hours will receive it .

It can be something that you already have and find it economical in terms of costs, or that you produce especially for the occasion. For example: if you sell handbags you can add a keyring or pendant, or if you sell clothing you can add a scarf or pashmina.

🔹Don’t forget about free shipping

Not having to pay for shipping is always attractive when buying online (sometimes brands add that cost to the final price of the product). But keep in mind that free shipping is already commonplace within e-commerce and may not be enough to incentivize purchases on CyberMonday.

Therefore, try to complement this action with another (such as the ones mentioned in the previous points) so that it is something really irresistible for your client.

For example, you can offer a discount and free shipping for purchases over $10,000 or for certain areas (Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Greater Buenos Aires, etc.).

These are the marketing strategies that yield the best results on special e-commerce dates . You can analyze which of them work best for your business in particular and your market in general. Also, you can try making a mix of them, mixing them in the way that occurs to you.

What is important that you take into account is to respect the conditions that you establish for each promotion.

Many times it happens that, with the joy of the increase in sales, the brands decide to extend the special actions that they defined for those days. But this causes disappointment in people who did buy in the first 72 hours because at first they were told that it was something limited and, after that time, they extended it without explanation.

What results does this bring? A loss of credibility with the first customers who will probably feel cheated and may not buy from that brand again.

Think how you feel when you see those signs that say “Just for today” in a shop window, fixed for weeks and even months.

So, if you intend from the beginning that your special actions last the whole week, we recommend that you advertise it that way.

👉 Bonus : Take advantage of these  tips to sell digital products and have a great delivery experience.

Plan your marketing actions

Like the rest of the actions that we have mentioned so far, whose objective is to attract traffic to your online store, the marketing strategies that you are going to implement have to be truly profitable and effective. Here are 4 great ideas:

🔹1. Deliver benefits for future purchases

From a discount coupon to an attractive gift card with a certain amount of money, all the options can influence the moment of the purchase decision. Likewise, it assures you that many of the consumers who buy from you on this date will be interested in returning to your store in the future .

🔹2. Create limited editions

Another way to generate interest in your potential consumer is to make a limited edition of a product.

This generates a notion of urgency since it is going to be something special that will only be there for a certain time (CyberMonday) with a limited amount (the number that you establish).

We know that developing a new product takes time and a lot of work. So, one variant might be to add an innovative feature to an item you already have.

For example, a new color, material or some exclusive addition to the product. In this way, you offer a limited quantity of a new item in your store and exclusive only for 72 hours .


🔹3. Build alliances with other brands

A good way to give your buyers a plus and, at the same time, double the diffusion force of your promotions is to associate with another brand that complements your product .

They can put together a campaign that contains a promotion (or several) where each brand contributes a product and the final price is more convenient than if the person bought them separately.

Of course, to achieve successful results, it is key that both companies aim at a similar audience and have an aesthetic that complements each other.

This alliance implies being very well organized with respect to the production and stock of both stores, so it is important to plan it ahead of time.

For example, a business that sells accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets could partner with one that sells clothing and put together various combos of a certain garment + accessory.

In this case, they could create lifestyle photos with the two products to promote in social media and email marketing campaigns .

Do you want to discover how to create excellent lifestyle photographs ? We tell you all the secrets.

🔹4. Organize a raffle or giveaway

A giveaway means something that is given to a customer for free. However, the use of this word on the internet changed to refer to the action of holding a giveaway on Instagram or any other social network.

To make a successful giveaway, you have to:

  1. Define the goal you want to achieve (attract followers? Get more sales? Both?).
  2. Choose the gift.
  3. Plan the logistics of participation.
  4. Promote your giveaway .
  5. Select the winner.

We share 2 complete guides that will help you create effective giveaways:

  1. How to do a giveaway on Instagram: the definitive guide
  2. What is a giveaway and how to make one in 5 steps


How to sell more this Cyber ​​Monday

There are multiple sales strategies that you can use to increase the commercial success of your business. In this section we tell you which are the most effective to implement during Cyber ​​Monday 2022.

Optimize your store for search engines

At this point it is important to optimize both the texts and images that appear in your virtual business, as well as everything that you disseminate through other channels such as your own blog and social networks.

🔹Work on the SEO strategy of your store

The SEO strategy ( Search Engine Optimization or optimization for search engines) covers a series of good practices that you can implement so that your business appears in the first organic results of Google , that is, those that are not paid.

A good practice is the use of keywords ( keywords ) in different sections of your store . For example, in the case of this special e-commerce date, you can use “CyberMonday” (if you are a CACE member), “online discounts” or “online promotions”.

Those are words that potential customers are likely to use when searching on Google during those high sales days. To discover more keywords and boost your business, we recommend using the free Google Trends tool .

If you want to know more secrets to optimize your store in terms of SEO, we invite you to read this post:

What is SEO and how to take advantage of it in your business
Image from: What is SEO and how to take advantage of it in your business

🔹Create useful content for your customers

Did you know that companies that have a blog generate 126% more leads than those that do not? This data comes from the famous HubSpot marketing tool and seeks to encourage you to create your own content website.

To do this, we recommend creating an editorial calendar with the topics of interest to your audience. Take advantage of this space to write what are the benefits of the products or services you offer, as well as tips so that your customers can get the most out of them.

🔹I made viral content

If you are thinking of trendy social networks like TikTok and Instagram, you are right!

Analyze first if your target audience is on these social networks and if your brand’s personality adapts to these platforms.

TikTok allows you to create multi-channel videos and its content policy is open, that is, the videos you create on this network will be able to be used on other social networks (such as Instagram reels ).

On both platforms, we recommend creating content with the following guidelines:

  • I shared your production processes and your work team on video in a fun way .
  • Create humorous videos to tell about essential topics for your e-commerce . For example, the benefits of interest-free installments, frequently asked questions that customers ask you, and special CyberMonday discounts. Thus, you will generate informative content in a more authentic and close way to your followers.
  • Join the challenges . These challenges consist of repeating and improvising a choreography on a song. Surely you can join one of them to publicize your products or services.

Make effective advertising

As it is an investment of time and money that your company will make, we recommend that you take into account the following aspects:

  • Get to know your buyer persona : that is, the fictional representation of your ideal client that is based on data such as desires, goals, concerns and challenges. Access this guide to discover examples and templates to create your buyer persona and, thus, create more effective marketing strategies for your business.
  • Analyze your competition : at this point we suggest you review their website and social networks, including their YouTube channel. Do not forget to check the printed press and, if applicable in your case, go around the city to see the advertising posters. Learn more with this technique from Cruz de Porter .
  • Keep messages short and striking : to do this, the narrative of your advertisements must arouse desire and offer a solution to the audience. If you need more help, here’s our free tool: Slogan Generator . Find the ideal phrases for your venture in a few steps!
  • I chose where to advertise : in addition to social networks, you have other options such as email marketing, Google Ads and the classics such as television, radio and the press. The most important thing is that you select channels that fit your business. Invest only in those platforms where you know your audience is.

I invested in dissemination campaigns

In this section we are going to delve into the use of social networks, actions with influencers, email marketing campaigns and the mechanisms for measuring the success of all these ideas, so that you can change what is not working and enhance what is. yes.

🔹Focus on social media

Today Instagram and Facebook are the most powerful social networks to capture the attention of potential online customers. For this reason, we recommend you take advantage of its resources and advantages to spread all your CyberMonday promotions there. I eat?

👉 With a very attractive publication (with bright colors and some impressive image). You can lean on free tools that help you post amazing photos on Instagram.

👉With a clear and neat legend where you explain what the promotion is about.


👉With a call to action at the end of the text in which you invite your followers to participate.

Get inspired by the example of the Unibow Cloudstore :


Also, don’t forget the power of Instagram Stories ! Create a mini story about your promotion and tell it in parts in different stories. In the last one, I included a direct link to your online store so that your potential consumers can buy from you right away!

On TikTok , remember that you have to spend time to see what is trending, what are the most viral songs, what challenges are the most popular, what audios can help you tell something about your brand or what are the most used hashtags .

We recommend setting aside a whole day to plan and create your social media posts. Take advantage of this free calendar to do it!


🔹Try actions with influencers

Another way to publicize everything you are preparing for CyberMonday is through influencers or references from your industry.

Many of them use their power of influence to promote products and events, with an organic and loyal audience.

Take advantage of this positive impact in your favor so that your brand gains popularity and your online store, sales!

For that we recommend:

  1. Make a list of the Instagram influencers that most align with the values ​​and image of your brand and that are accessible to organize some joint action. If you don’t know where to start looking, be guided by profiles that use brands similar to yours or by accounts that follow those same brands.
  2. I chose one and contact him/her through a private message. Tell him briefly about you, your brand and what is your proposal for CyberMonday . It may be, for example, that they put together a special selection for the date with the discounted products from your store that they like the most to share them in a post on their Instagram account.
  3. Communicate the conditions in advance. For example, that the post has to show your products (ideally in use), include a mention of your brand , and that it has to tell their followers about the special promotions that you are going to offer during CyberMonday.
  4. Consult the payment method. Typically, this is usually a trade, a set amount of money, or a combination of the two.
  5. Finally, remember to repost the publication on your own Instagram account, and that’s it!

🔹Bet on online advertising

Continuing with what we mentioned above, to make sure that your audience finds out about the incredible promotions that you are going to plan for CyberMonday, we recommend creating paid ads on Instagram, Facebook and Google.

The fundamental thing here is that you do not spend money on promoting for the sake of promoting, but segment your target and it is really potential consumers who see your ads.

In relation to this point, we recommend that you arrive at the event with a well-thought-out investment strategy in order to make the most of the opportunity and grow your sales.

👉The preparation

It is super important that when the date of the event arrives, you already have a robust audience that knows your brand and the products you offer.

For that, a good strategy is to increase the investment in your Facebook and Instagram ads 15 days before the event. This investment must be made in campaigns that aim to bring traffic to the site . To create these ads, you can use Similar Audiences as your audience.

The key recommendation for these weeks leading up to CyberMonday is to invest 50% more daily than you invest in a normal month. In other words, if your investment is usually $1,000 per day, the ideal would be for you to invest $1,500 per day for the 2 weeks prior to the event.

👉the previous

For the two days prior to the event, we suggest raising the bar a bit and further increasing the budget on Facebook and Instagram Ads. The proposal consists of multiplying by three the daily investment of a normal month. Going back to the previous example, if you invest $1,000 a day, during these two days you should invest $3,000.

👉During the event

The time has come when you have to take advantage of all the effort you made to get new traffic to your store! Your potential customers already know your e-commerce, they already saw your products, now you have to show them your ads so that they decide to buy !

In this sense, both on Facebook and on Instagram, we recommend that you focus more on personalized audiences to reach people who have been browsing your store and who you know are very possibly interested in your products.

In the case of Google, we suggest you put more effort into remarketing campaigns .

For the three days that CyberMonday lasts , the suggested investment is five times the daily investment of a normal month . That is, if your daily investment is $1,000, during the days of the event you should invest $5,000 daily.

If you join CyberWeek, a good alternative is to invest twice the daily budget of a normal month during the four days that the event lasts.

What if you never invested in ads? To start investing, and if the capacity of your business allows it, we recommend that during the two weeks prior to and the event you invest 20% of your store’s turnover in a normal month .

🔹Conduct email marketing campaigns

When it comes to email campaigns, a direct line of communication is opened between the brand and the consumer. Therefore, you have to strategically take advantage of this means of contact.

The important thing is to make a segmentation between those customers who have already bought from you and those who have not yet to offer a message adapted to each one.

For customers who already know you, you can send them a preview of the promotions that you are going to offer during that date . In this way, you will be able to make them feel unique since they will have key information before the rest of the public.

On the other hand, if the campaign that you are going to create is going to be for people who have not bought from you before, it is important that you think about the “story” that you want to tell them and what things they need to know to help their purchase decision.

For example, it may be that in addition to showing them your star products and special offers for the date, you add a box at the end of the email that tells how the business came about and photos that show your workplace and “behind the scenes.”

This can help to further humanize your brand, by generating an emotional bond with the consumer.

With e-mail marketing tools you can put together effective campaigns for your brand. You only have to create an account, use the resources and design tools offered by the platform, create your email, and send it! This process can take around 4 hours.

Remember to use a compelling headline and include a call to action (such as a buy button direct to the selection of specially discounted products for Cyber ​​Monday).



🔹Measure the results of your campaigns

Each social network has its own statistics to know the success or not of your campaigns. We recommend that you follow them closely to reduce or eliminate investment in actions that are not bringing you results and allocate those resources to the most successful advertisements.

In the case of email marketing campaigns and those you do in Google Ads, a good practice is to use UTM tags , which refers to the text fragments that are added to the end of the URL (link).

Its name comes from Urchin Traffic Monitor (Urchin Traffic Monitoring), a tool that Google bought and that allows to know where the traffic that arrives at a website comes from .

💡If you want to know more about UTM tags and how to visualize them in Google Analytics, take a look at this guide to measure the success of your publications .

Apply specific techniques to increase the conversion rate

The last 9 ideas that we share with you to sell more on this CyberMonday seek to increase the conversion rate , a metric that indicates the percentage of visitors to an e-commerce that actually completed the purchase.

  1. Write effective calls to action . A CTA or call to action is any indication that attracts the user to perform an action. Make sure they are short and use verbs in imperatives (Buy now!) or infinitive (Buy now!). Get inspired by these 100 calls to action for your digital marketing campaigns .
  2. Improve the user experience . Customers do not buy products, but experiences. For this reason, take care of all aspects of your business: from the way you answer your audience’s queries to the design of the packaging they will receive. Learn more with this guide on customer experience .
  3. Include testimonials and opinions . If your company has a profile on Google Maps, take the opportunity to display those comments in your online store. You can also ask your loyal customers to post their experience on social media and mention your brand.
  4. Add optimized descriptions . Provide as much information as possible about your products to reduce the number of inquiries and, therefore, the time you have to spend answering them. Here we tell you how to write an excellent product sheet .
  5. Offer multiple payment and shipping options . We recommend that you integrate various payment gateways into your online store so that users can choose the most convenient method (cards, cash or transfer). Likewise, we invite you to know all the shipping companies you can add to your business to provide the best service.
  6. Have a responsive website . This means that customers can buy in your online store through a computer and a cell phone without any inconvenience, since your website adapts to all screens.
  7. Simplify forms . In online sales, simplicity in the processes is key. Therefore, make clear and brief registration forms available to customers, remove all unnecessary fields and focus on those essential to guarantee the sale.
  8. Have a clear and visible return policy . To ensure that your clients know and value your policy, make sure that you write it for them and not for a lawyer who specializes in the subject. Use the same language that you use in the rest of your store.
  9. Provide excellent customer service . Likewise, we recommend you provide care through chatbots.

How to take advantage of the post CyberMonday benefits?

We already talked about how to prepare for Cyber ​​Monday and what to keep in mind for those days. Now, let’s see what are the best actions to take after those intense 72 hours are up.

Check abandoned carts

Don’t let any sale slip by. Analyze the abandoned carts of people who intended to buy and for whatever reason didn’t.

Contact them via email (if they registered it in your store) to see if they are interested in completing their purchase or if they had any questions to resolve and that is why they did not dare to specify it.

To further encourage their decision, offer them promotions or additional discounts like the ones we have already seen.


Loyalty to your customers

This is the beginning of the well-known post-sales stage : responding in a timely manner to any query that may arise about the product or the shipment is essential to create a pleasant shopping experience for the customer.

Thus, they will feel accompanied, possibly buy again in your store and recommend it to their friends .

You can also send them an email asking if they are satisfied with the product, if it arrived in good condition and even offer them discounts on their next purchases.

Analyze the results

When you are calmer and all the orders are on the way, take some time (between 3 or 4 days ideally) to analyze the results of your CyberMonday.

This is important because it will help you understand what worked (and is worth repeating in the future) and what didn’t go well and needs to be improved.

Some possible points to consider are:

1.- About the products

  • What were the most sold and visited products?
  • Did the products you planned sell?
  • Was a product successful that you did not imagine?
  • How do you come from stock for the rest of the season?
  • Is it necessary to make a replacement with the workshop or supplier?

2.- About the queries received

  • Any messages left unanswered?
  • Does anyone need special follow-up?
  • What were the most common queries?
  • Which can be resolved by completing the information in the store to avoid them in the future and speed up the purchase process?

3.- About marketing actions

  • Did you get the results you expected?
  • What actions were most successful?
  • What things did not work as you thought?
  • What are the actions worth keeping throughout the season?

We hope this guide helps you prepare your business very well for this special date and boost your sales next CyberMonday.

As we said above, it is important that you prepare with everything so that you do not have any surprises and you can make the most of the traffic that this event generates .

Also keep in mind that what you learn from this experience, what works for you and what you see that you have to improve in the future, will help you to use it on upcoming important dates.

Turn obstacles into opportunities by getting on the date of the most online sales of the year.


Here you will find:

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  • How to take advantage of the post CyberMonday benefits?