How to create a Clothing Brand? 10 key steps to success

If you identify with the question of how to create an unforgettable clothing brand , this article is for you. We share 10 keys to boost your online store and start a successful clothing business. Take note of this! The clothing industry is one of the most popular in online sales. This is a benefit […]

designer creating a clothing brand

If you identify with the question of how to create an unforgettable clothing brand , this article is for you. We share 10 keys to boost your online store and start a successful clothing business. Take note of this!

The clothing industry is one of the most popular in online sales. This is a benefit for those who dedicate themselves to it, since they already have the guarantee that there is a conformed market and many customers used to making these purchases.

The rise of fashion in online sales brings with it a greater challenge: thinking of creative strategies to stand out from the rest . So how do you create a clothing brand? How to penetrate the niche that already exists and make a difference?

Let’s see how to start a clothing business with these 10 keys to make yours unique!

1. Maintain the style of your brand

To make your online clothing store more beautiful, you can choose one of the designs that we offer in Seasonvar. The idea is that you can adapt it with your brand logo, select the colors or include an image as the cover of your main page.

In your administration panel, you will be able to choose and modify the design that you prefer . Find more information on this topic in our  Help Center .

If you need a more personalized style,  you can create the design of your store with your web designer or with one of our  Specialists . Do not miss the comments of the brands that have already worked with them!

🎯See how the King Cloudstore customizes its design .

2. Remember that the image is everything

In our journey on how to create a clothing brand, the subject of photography is a vital point.

You already know that in a fashion store your client will not be able to touch the product or try it on, that is why the quality of the images and that the product is visible from different angles is essential to generate an excellent shopping experience .

The product can be accompanied by a person, a mannequin or alone (with a white or colored background). It is also advisable to include more than one image of the item.

Another important aspect is that the client can zoom in on the image to appreciate the details.

If you want to deepen this topic, take a look at our complete guide on product photography and fashion photography.

3. Explain the purchase process

This aspect is essential to generate confidence in the visitors of your online clothing store and  help them to finalize the purchase .

We suggest that you create a ‘How to buy’ page where you explain in detail each step of the purchase process . In addition, on the same site you can inform about the current payment and shipping methods, what is the return policy of your business and other issues that you consider necessary to close the circle of sale .

There are different types of ‘How to buy’ page , we share the model of the Seasonvar, From the origin to the original:

If you also have a Seasonvar, then we will tell you  how to create this page  from your administration panel.

4. Give your client flexibility

This is another of the points that we consider key if we talk about how to start a clothing business successfully.

That your client can choose the size, color or any other variable of the garment or accessory that you sell is essential to  improve their shopping experience .5. Manage your stock well

Another of the keys to the success of your fashion store is to define the stock of each product. This will prevent you from committing to deliver items when you don’t have enough.

In order not to lose sales, what you can do is allow your customers to ask you for the price of the item you don’t have in stock, and then let them know when you have it!

If you go for this alternative, you directly put a price of 0 (zero) on the product in question and your client will be able to consult for it without having the visible price.

Remember that if you have a Seasonvar, you can download the  Stock Notifications application. How does it work? When you have a product out of stock, it will show your customer a message with the legend “I want to receive a notification when this product is in stock” .

By pressing there, a banner will appear for the customer to leave their name and email and, as soon as you have stock again, they will receive an  automatic email with the notice . Don’t miss a single sale!

6. Create exclusive benefits for online sales

Another of the keys to the success of your fashion store is to boost its turnover through exclusive benefits , especially on special dates such as Hot Sale , Cyber ​​Monday , Christmas, or at the end of the season.

Are we still seeing how to create a clothing brand? We still have several ideas to discover!

7. Highlight the most important thing about your online clothing store

They can be special offers, the launch of a new product, or the ‘How to buy’ page so that the purchase process is very clear and effective .

You can do all this using your navigation bar (it’s a very good option!) or by creating a banner, for example.

Tip: the order of importance in the navigation bar goes from left to right because that’s how we read in the West. So you know, the most important thing, to the left!

Look at the example of the fashion store  Bside , which chooses to put the ‘How to buy’ page at the beginning of the bar since it is a previous and fundamental step of the conversion.


8. Capitalize on the followers of your social networks

In addition to interacting and receiving comments and suggestions from your followers on Instagram , Facebook or any other network you use, you can also give them the possibility to start the purchase process from the same social network .

Tip: every time you share a particular product, we recommend putting the ‘Product Page’ link. For example, this decoration item from the Inanimate CloudShop :


This is very important because it helps to minimize the number of clicks required for the customer to complete the purchase.

And to further boost your online sales, we recommend integrating your online store with your Facebook page and your Instagram profile .

Finally, you can also create online promotions for your followers and measure how many sales this communication channel generates for you. Take advantage of all the power of social networks to increase the sales of your e-commerce!


9. Have an online seller

Removing all doubts from your customers when entering your fashion store is more than essential.

One way to solve the lack of a seller (as if you could have it in your store or in your showroom ), is to have an  online chat .

This tool is increasingly used by e-commerce around the world and it is used so that your clients can make any query and that you can answer them instantly, simply and quickly.

You can integrate your store with Lark online chat (there is a free version) and, if it works for you, then you can upgrade to a paid plan.

It’s a great way to talk to potential buyers, make sales, and create a unique shopping experience .

You can manage online chat from your administration panel. Here we explain  how to integrate Lark  into your fashion store.

10. Add extra benefits

A very common option is to send the invoice to your customer along with the product. If so, remember to mention it on your ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ or ‘How to Buy’ page so they are aware.

Taking advantage of the shipping of the product and the invoice, it is a good practice  to include some kind of extra benefit  to encourage the next purchase through your online channel: discounts are usually very effective!

You started reading this article with the question of how to create an unforgettable clothing brand, now you have 10 creative strategies to achieve it!